Horton Kirby Poland Sp. z o.o. was established in 1995. The company’s primary business activity was the winding and selling of rauhfaser-type wallpapers. To achieve that, the company bought specialist wallpaper winding machines and continued this line of business for the next eight years. At that time, the company became a leader in the sales of rauhfaser wallpapers in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Lithuania. Simultaneously, Horton Kirby Poland started cutting and winding border wallpapers for Rasch company. This enabled the company to take part in the dynamic growth of the wallpaper business noted worldwide.

In the year 2000 the company underwent ownership changes. The management made far-fetching plans about the company’s development. It decided to venture into manufacturing wallpaper sample kits. The management also took a decision to set up a department dedicated to the manufacturing of fabric sample books. Moreover, the Fabrics Department launched the production of hangings, curtains and other interior design textile products.
After a few years of manufacturing wallpaper sample books, the management came to the conclusion that the existing production facility did not suffice and had to be extended. And so, in 2006 a modern production facility was erected. Also at that time a decision to expand the company’s business activity – the manufacturing of wallpaper sample books – to include hard cover wallpaper catalogues was taken. Consequently, specialist machines were purchased and the production of wallpaper catalogues grew dynamically.

In response to the growing demand for catalogues, in 2011 the Company Board decided on another investment – to build a high storage warehouse and an office and administration facility. The venture was completed in 2013 and today Horton Kirby Poland has at its disposal a production and storage space exceeding 5 500 m2. A big part of this area is taken up by the high storage warehouse, which has become indispensable as it allows to store materials used in partial execution of orders. This means that companies for whom Horton Kirby produces catalogues, may store in its facility the material stock needed for forthcoming orders.

We own well-endowed and constantly expanding machinery, which enables us to conduct diverse, bookbinding works, required for the production of all kinds of products made of solid cardboard in a maximal size of 70×140 cm, from preparation to the creation of a finished product.

Moreover, the company has a modern office space, needed to comfortably handle the bulk of orders, as well as vehicle manoeuvre areas and a loading bay.

Horton Kirby Poland employs between 50 to 80 persons, the number corresponding to the sector’s seasonal nature.
For many years now Horton Kirby Poland has been participating in environment-enhancing and image-building projects.

Moreover, the company has been supporting the initiatives of the Jazz Orchestra Foundation based in Szczecin for already 15 years. It also co-organizes the “Jazz Struggle” festival in Szczecin. Thanks to these efforts, the province inhabitants had the chance to attend numerous concerts of prominent jazz and pop music performers.