Horton Kirby Poland, using its state-of-the-art machinery, manufactures book covers in the following dimensions: from 13 cm x 20 cm to 65 cm x 109 cm. Book covers come in three basic types: printed face layers, fabric or wallpaper book covers. In addition, upon Customer’s request, the materials used for the cover can be protected with special foils and veneers. Standard covers can also be screen printed and heat embossed with logos, patterns or custom designs. To protect cover edges from damage, metal corners are placed, in the colour and size selected by the Customer. All book covers come with textile, leather or rope handles. Each handle is put through a ring, then glued and riveted, thanks to which it virtually cannot be detached, or if so, it would cause damage to the entire cover. In addition, covers can come with tags or other custom elements attached to them. It is also possible to die-cut holes in the covers of various size (windows). The company has successfully completed numerous individual projects, and some of them were truly challenging and had to be done by hand.